Starting a new business is never easy, let alone in a foreign country. SIGTAX unites highly experienced lawyers, tax advisors, accountants, and consultants with in-country expertise in Poland. They all stay current with the latest news and developments in the country to ensure that all your business operations are compliant.


Fully equipped with the right resources and information, SIGTAX is a reliable partner that can make your business operations in Poland easier, faster and less costly.


Here’s a list of the most common services offered by SIGTAX in Poland:

  • Bookkeeping,

  • Financial administration and reporting,

  • Tax and business legal advisory,

  • Company formation,

  • Corporate administration

  • Trust services 


We implement a personalized approach, treating each and every client as an individual. By working with SIGTAX, you can be certain that all your legal and bureaucratic requirements are handled accordingly, with one of our team members specially committing to your best interests. 


Our services support entrepreneurs (of all sizes) and different company types. When you work with SIGTAX, you become part of the team. We don’t just ask our clients for their opinion; we consult with them, listen and resolve the situation in their best interests.