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SIGTAX is a leading company that helps in registering a company in Poland and in providing comprehensive corporate services. Our unique approach, combined with specialist industry knowledge and global reach, allows us to anticipate the needs of our clients and provide distinctive, sustainable and substantive solutions.


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Our team consists of very experienced local experts with the right knowledge and equipped with the necessary resources to deal with all bureaucratic and legal obstacles, which you may encounter when registering a company in Polandsetting up a company in Poland. We have worked together for years with various clients, from start-ups to large international companies. That is why we know the industry perfectly well and we can help you avoid common pitfalls, saving you time and money.
Contact SIGTAX to make your ventures in Poland as simple, quick and easy as possible.

Opodatkowanie polskich firm

The Polish business landscape is highly regulated and all Polish companies are required to be strict compliance with tax rules and regulations. Currently, the standard corporate income tax (CIT) is 19%. It is worth noting that taxation of personal income in Poland is progressive, so the higher the income, the higher the tax rate. Last year, in January, Poland introduced a lower, 9% CIT rate to make it easier for "small taxpayers". Non-Polish tax residents are taxed only on income originating in Poland, while Polish tax residents are taxed only on income from Poland.


Types of companies registered in Poland

Registration of a limited liability company (Limited Company - LTD)(active tab)Registration of a joint-stock company - S.A.(Joint-Stock Company)Registration of a general partnership - Sp.J. (Registered Partnership)Registration of a limited partnership - Sp. K. (Limited Liability Partnership - LLP/LLC) Registration of a limited joint-stock partnership - S.K.A.(Limited Joint-Stock Partnership) Partnership (The Polish Sole Proprietorship) Civil Law Partnership (Civil Law Partnership)

A limited liability company is the most popular type of company in Poland, and its features are analogous to a UK Limited Company and a US LLC. There are no restrictions on foreigners shareholders, and all shareholders have limited liability for the company's debts. It is mandatory at least one board member.


How to set up a branch of a foreign company in Poland and a limited liability company?

The establishment of a limited liability company can be done in two ways: through a notarial agreement or via the Internet, using qualified signature. Registration of a limited liability company is also associated with a mandatory entry to the National Court Register. Establishing a limited liability company requires experience and knowledge of applicable regulations

In addition, registering a limited liability company is an attractive option for entrepreneurs and owners companies who want to limit their personal liability for the debts and obligations of their organization. Limited liability companies they offer great flexibility in terms of ownership, management and taxation without sacrificing benefits accompanying the traditional corporate form.


Establishing a joint-stock company in practice

Registration of a joint-stock company is an important step in setting up a business. This is an official process record all relevant information about the company's shares, shareholders and other details for the purpose the creation of an official legal entity. The registration process involves submitting documents to the local authorities, a sometimes also with national authorities.

The main purpose of registering a joint-stock company is to provide shareholders with certain rights, such as limited liability, transferability of shares and voting rights at meetings. What's more, it also helps protect creditors, because they know they can recover any money owed to them from the registered if needed companies. In addition, it helps to establish the credibility of investors who want to invest in equity or debt instruments company, which can help increase capital flows into the company.


Assistance in registering companies in Poland

SIGTAX has been helping with the establishment of joint-stock companies, limited liability companies and many more for several decades other types of companies. We operate in many countries and have earned a very good name in the corporate industry We specialize in consolidating companies in Poland through a quick and simplified process.

Our team of experts has extensive experience and in-house knowledge of the corporate industry in Poland. We pride ourselves good relations with Polish banking institutions and other competent authorities. Thus, working with SIGTAX, you can be sure that the company formation process will be quick and profitable even in the most difficult situations. In addition, we provide exceptional customer service, minimizing bureaucracy as well as confidentiality and approach based on an all-in-one solution.


Efficient company registration in Warsaw with SIGTAX

Registration of companies in Warsaw is an important step for any new business venture that wants to open your door in the city. The process requires careful consideration as the regulations and requirements are complicated and must be followed exactly. Business owners should familiarize themselves with the various registration procedures company in Warsaw, which includes obtaining a valid business permit, preparation of documents and submitting certain forms to your local office


AG (Aktiengesellschaft)

This is the most popular company type in Poland and its characteristics are analogical to the UK’s Limited company and the USA’s LLC. There are no limitations on foreign shareholders and all shareholders have limited liability for the company’s debts. It’s compulsory to have at least one board member.

The Swiss GmbH

(Private Limited Liability Company) is the type of Swiss business whose social obligations are guaranteed by the social patrimony. Associates are only responsible for their contribution. The basis for the constitution of the Swiss GmbH is represented by the trust and the reliability of the associates. Find out more about the Swiss GmbH.

The sole proprietorship

Is a type of legal structure that is used by entrepreneurs or professionals interested in registering a Swiss business which allows them to conduct commercial activities in Switzerland. Company registration in Switzerland is required only if the annual turnover exceeds a certain amount.

More on the Swiss sole proprietorship here.

The Swiss verein

Is a type of legal structure that is recognized under Swiss laws in a similar manner to the voluntary association under U.S. law. A Swiss verein is an excellent solution to present a global brand while allowing the firms that are part of the verein to maintain their statute as separate legal entities. It is used mainly by multinational professional services providers in order to limit their accountability.

Swiss holding companies

Offer a series of advantages for those interested in setting up a Swiss business or in Swiss company registration. Swiss holding companies benefit from a favorable tax regime, as well as from important deductions under the Swiss taxation. Find out more about the benefits of Swiss holding companies.

Management companies

Are used mainly by international corporations or groups that conduct most of their business operations outside of Switzerland. Management companies benefit from certain taxation advantages in Switzerland as well as from consolidating a strong presence as a Swiss business. Additional details on the advantages of management companies.

Mixed companies

Are used for company formation in Switzerland because they are best suited for corporations that have most of their business activities abroad and any type of business conducted in Switzerland is only of secondary nature. The taxable profit for this type of Swiss company is established in accordance with the divisional calculation. Find out more about the tax advantages of Swiss mixed companies.


Are formed as legal structures in Switzerland as following: general partnerships which reunite at least two individuals residents of Switzerland sharing the same economic purpose, or limited partnerships where at least one of the partners has full liability while the other is liable only up to the contribution brought to the respective partnership.

Types of companies incorporated in Poland

This is the most popular company type in Poland and its characteristics are analogical to the UK’s Limited company and the USA’s LLC. There are no limitations on foreign shareholders and all shareholders have limited liability for the company’s debts. It’s compulsory to have at least one board member.

Przy minimalnym kapitale zakładowym w wysokości 100 000 PLN (ok. 24 000 EUR lub 32 000 USD) ten typ spółki dotyczy głównie dużych przedsiębiorstw. Jego cechy są analogiczne do brytyjskiego PLC i amerykańskiego Inc. Posiadanie rady nadzorczej jest niezbędne i powinien być również co najmniej jeden członek zarządu.

Popularly known as the “General Partnership” in the UK, the US and other countries, this entity type is common among smaller businesses. There is no fixed minimum share capital required. Most notably, all the partners have full joint liability for the organization’s debts.

This entity pretty much satisfies businesses of any size. It’s compulsory for this company type to have at least two founders. The general partner will have unlimited liability while the limited partner is only liable for the specific amount in which they invested., as specified by the Articles of Association.

This company type is quite unique. Its characteristic features are analogical to Germany’s Kommanditgesellschaft. There is one shareholder who is usually passive and only provides the capital and an active partner responsible for the operations. The active partners are liable to the partnership’s obligations but the limited partners have no compulsions.

This option applies to individuals. Any natural person with the right legal capacity can establish themselves as a sole proprietorship. There is no set minimum share capital required, however, the founder will be held responsible for all liabilities which puts his or her personal assets at risk.

Suitable for small businesses. It can be formed by at least two partners who can prove that they share the same business goals. Each partner will be responsible for the partnership's debts and obligations.

Steps for company formation

  • Prepare shareholder's documents.
  • Opening a corporate bank account with a Polish bank
  • Depositing the share capital
  • Receiving the capital certificate from the Polish bank
  • Setting up a registered office in Poland
  • Applying for business registration—all the documents are signed by a Polish notary and submitted to the relevant authorities(KRS, CEIDG, Rejestr przedstawicielstw przedsiębiorców zagranicznych)
  • Receiving the registration certificate
  • Commence operations

Why should you open a company in Poland?

  • Strategically located on the crossroads between Eastern and Western Europe, having numerous ports, and over 400km of coastline enhances Poland’s trading opportunities 
  • Poland is leading in Poland when it comes to foreign direct investment with an inflow of over 14 billion dollars
  • Poland provides a large highly-qualified workforce
  • Recently, the Polish government has started introducing business-friendly tax incentives to lower taxes for foreign investors.

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