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Cost of opening a company in Poland

The reasons why foreign entrepreneurs prefer to start business in Poland include low cost of company registration, sound business regulations and easy access to EU markets, etc. If you're interested in Poland as your business destination, this text will reveal how you can get started. You may also find information on the costs you might incur during the process.


Taxation System in Poland

Taxation System in Poland
Poland is an EU country that is bordered by the likes of Ukraine, Belarus, Germany, Russia, Slovakia, and the Czech Republic. Without an argument, this is a perfect location to do business. You can enjoy easy markets and abundant resources for your business. To add to the convenience, the Polish government introduced friendly tax schemes. These are beneficial to both business and the general livelihood of the Polish people. Continue reading to learn more.

How to open a company in Poland as a foreigner

The number of foreigners who wish to open a business in Poland has steadily risen over the years. A lot of factors may have contributed, but the most evident is economic and political stability, sound tax schemes, and the ease of starting a new company. If you want to know what it takes to be part of this great economy, continue reading.