Keeping up with the accounting and bookkeeping requirements in Poland can be overwhelming for foreigner due to the language and how complex the whole process is in general. According to the Polish law, every Polish registered company is entitled to submit several reports to the Tax Inspectorate, Social Insurance inspectorate, the Department of Statistics, The Customs Department and migration offices and so on.


Failure to adhere to these accounting and tax obligations can result in dire consequences from the Polish tax authorities.


Our accountants are well-versed with the tax regime and the Standards of Business Accounting in Poland. We treat each client as an individual (whether a start-up or the large multination company) and our services are always to the client’s specific business needs. Our key accounting and bookkeeping services in Poland include:

  • Bookkeeping and accountancy management right from the initial documentation to the preparation of financial tax accountability;

  • Representation in all national institutions, as well as in private companies;

  • Consulting on Polish tax issues;

  • Analysis of company financial indicators and presentation of conclusions.

  • Keeping and updating of inventory books;

  • Handling managerial and accounting responsibilities of the client during the initial stages. 

  • Planning the budget, audit reporting 

  • Translation accountancy services;

  • drafting documents for completion of each statutory account, and shareholder decisions 

Additional services

  • profit & loss and cash flow

  • payroll service

  • VAT compliance

  • drafting of balance sheet

  • financial planning

  • payment of social contributions

  • drafting of consolidated balance sheet


With vast experience in analyzing and presenting financial information in Poland and 12 other countries, SIGTAX is the go-to one-stop-shop for all your accounting and bookkeeping services.