Poland hosts some of the most prominent business service centres in the world. This is one of the reasons why SIGTAX established several business centres in the country.


Our goal is to economically save our clients the enormous expenses they would have to incur to pay for an executive suite office that they don’t necessarily need. SIGTAX business centreS in Poland provide complete virtual office solutions for companies that need all the services of full-time office clients but don’t want full-time office space. Therefore, they can select a prestigious business address for their business from SIGTAX business centres in Poland at a very low cost.


Our business centre offers the following services:

  • A business address – required to set up a company in Poland

  • A dedicated fax number in Poland – faxes will be forwarded according to the client’s instructions

  • A local phone number in Poland – useful for local contacts or call redirecting to any numbers according to the client’s specifications.

  • phone service that has live reception answering on behalf of your business—as well as handle, and forward your mail anywhere in the world.

  • Co-working spaces for mobile workers


Leverage SIGTAX’s cost-effective business centre to save yourself both time and money Get a prestigious functional business location to cater for your compliance and business requirements at an affordable price!