SIGTAX is an established global consulting firm. With a network of offices across over 12 countries, SIGTAX has the in-country expertise and knowledge to help companies (of all sizes) expand and operate both within and beyond their home markets. It’s truly one of the most powerful assets to have on your side when incorporating a company in Poland

For several decades, we have helped clients of all sizes and from all sectors—everyone from small start-ups to the large Fortune 500 companies. Our main goal is to help organizations maintain their focus on the growth and development of their business, while we handle all the legal, accounting and back-office issues. 

Our expertise is acknowledged by clients from all over the world. You can take into account the stellar ratings we have received from our clients so far, which highlight not only the quality of our services but also our dedication to spare no efforts in providing the best solutions for our highly valued customers.

What makes us different?

In-country expertise: We work with in-country independent and certified experts who have enough experience to understand the local market and its associated legal, financial and regulatory compliance obligations.

Client-tailored services: We treat each client as an individual and provide client-tailored services that are scalable in line with your business needs—and are invoiced in any currency.

Global network: Our clients can take advantage of our global network of fully-owned offices for global reporting. Companies operating across multiple regions can use our offices as a single point of contact for their businesses abroad. They can also leverage technology and our local teams to improve transparency and risk control.

Speed and efficiency: Our in-country experience gives us a competitive advantage to take an agile approach and enter new markets faster than other foreign company.

Wide range of services: SIGTAX is a one-stop-shop for a complete suite of complementary business services—accounting, taxation and corporate fiduciary services. You can go and do what you love while we handle all the paperwork!


Clients that decide to work with SIGTAX Poland become part of our team, as we keep them involved during each step of the process. We take pride in establishing business relationships that are based on strong principles—honesty, integrity and transparency. If you want to work with a partner that is dedicated, capable, always delivers on time and puts your interests first, SIGTAX is your best shot.